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Your LMS should be a tool, not a burden. Brightspace is the learning platform built for people who care deeply about helping all learners reach their potential.

See why Brightspace is more than an LMS

Learn how our learning innovation platform provides you with more flexibility to personalize the experience and unlock learner potential.


Move Beyond Limitations

Game-Changing Data + Analytics

Easily identify at-risk users with Class Progress​

Visualize your data with easy-to-use reports that help you make critical decisions​

Integrate and build applications with your data​

Work Smarter + Save Time with Automation

Use data to deliver timely and personalized feedback with automated messages

Leverage data insights to set release conditions and schedule content ahead of time

Remove Barriers to Accessible and Inclusive Learning

We believe that access to high-quality learning should be universal. We go beyond compliance, making accessibility and inclusivity front and center with everything we do.


Built to Grow With You

Powerful, Scalable + Flexible

Industry leading reliability with 99.9% uptime 

Only major LMS provider with an ISO 27001 certification

Enable new features when you’re ready for them so you can manage change effectively 

Easy for All – Anywhere, Anytime

Simple, clean, and accessible interface 

Access courses and content from any browser, on any device – or use the award-winning app 

Support Flexible Learning Models

Online, in-person, and everything in between. Meet the needs of your unique learners by providing any combination of learning models your institution requires. 

Trusted by World-Leading Institutions


Award-Winning For a Reason

Empowering Instructors to Teach the Way They Want to Teach with D2L Brightspace

See how the University of Arizona is leading the way in delivering online courses, ranked amongst the top online programs in the US. Step One: Finding an education technology partner to help them maintain their 10,000 course sites a year.

Don't Believe Us? Hear It From Our Customers

"Over the past year I’ve had many conversations with institutions who are frustrated by the service provided by SIS providers and who are left frustrated and wanting more. The solution we built with the help of the Brightspace Developer Platform is addressing a real need across the industry. It removes the conversations about technology access and control and allows us to all concentrate on supporting great teaching and learning."

"By utilizing the tools within Brightspace we were able to create short, six-week courses that can be taken on at a time. It allows a student to complete a full business associates degree, that would be a two-year course as a full-time student, in two years and nine months."

"After a year and a half of using D2L Brightspace on a day-to-day basis, faculty now are making much greater use of the LMS, even in face-to-face or hybrid courses. As a result, they’re producing better data for us on student activity and engagement, which helps us provide even better support for our students."

J.C. Turner, Director of Instructional Technology and Intellectual Property,

Riverland Community College

Dr. Tim Renick, Executive Director,

National Institute for Student Success,

Georgia State University

Mark Felix,

Director of Institutional Support

University of Arizona


Support That Grows with Your Institution

Onboard and Launch

Upgrade your learning platform with ease

Get your team up and running quickly

Support strategic planning and change management

Customer Success and Technical Support

Increase engagement and adoption

Leverage hands-on technical and administrative support

Use data to drive learning strategy and measure impact

Learning and Creative Services

Build effective online courses aligned to your strategic goals

Create innovative and engaging learning experiences

And That's Just The Start

Whatever your ed-tech goals, Brightspace has a solution to help you and your learners succeed. Read more about our solutions for higher ed.

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