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K-12 Quick Tips for D2L Brightspace

Quick video tutorials that showcase best practice workflows, examples, tips and tricks, and help optimize your Brightspace classroom. Looking for something a little more in-depth?

Getting Started

Adding Import/Export/Copy to Your Navbar

Using Course Banners to Welcome Students

Editing the Navigation Bar

Editing Your Course Homepage

Adding Curriculum Expectations to a Course

How to Use the Classlist Tool

How to Activate a Course

Delivering Content

Using Emojis in Your Navbar

Organizing Content

Adding Curriculum Expectations to your Course

Adding Content to Brightspace for K-12

Adding Content to Your Virtual Classroom

The Brightspace Editor

Creating an Assignment in Activity Feed

Using Activity Feed and Lessons

Portfolio Tool

Using Funster

Using Portfolio at Home

In-Class Mode

Portfolio Overview

Tagging Artifacts with Expectations

Setting Up The App

Providing Feedback in Portfolio

My Device Mode

Communication and Engagement

Using Google Slides to Create a Custom Widget

Tips for Creating Groups

Creating an Announcement

Creating an Activity Feed Post

Creating a Checklist Widget

Creating a Dynamic Checklist

Using Video Note

Creating a Video Reflection Assignment

Creating Individual Student Groups

Creating Unique Learner Pathways

Creating Groups

Intelligent Agents

Creating a Teacher Profile Widget for Your Homepage

Publishing a Google Slide to Your Homepage

Brightspace Parent & Guardian

Documenting Student Learning

Using Portfolio in Brightspace

Using Custom Widgets to Link to Portfolio

Submitting an Assignment from a Tablet or Phone

How to Submit an Assignment

Adding Expectations to an Assignment

Annotating an Assignment

How to Set Up the Grades Tool

How to Create a Grading Scheme

Creating Categories

Providing Feedback 

Providing Timely and Detailed Feedback

Assessing or Evaluating Against Expectations

An Introduction to Providing Student Feedback

Using The Quick Eval Tool

Creating a Rubric

Assessment and Evaluation

Quizzes in Brightspace

Sharing Assignments With Families

Using Rubrics for Younger Learners

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